Nanotechnology – Technical Advances in Well being Medication and On a regular basis Environments

We’re all now on a Improbable Voyage

Do you keep in mind ‘Improbable Voyage’ – the sci-fi movie wherein scientists shrank a submarine and crew, injected them right into a dying man, and saved him from sure dying earlier than being resized for extra adventures?

Scripted by Harry Kleiner in 1966 and novelized for Bantam paperbacks 6 months later by Isaac Asimov, it spawned an animated TV sequence in addition to a Salvador Dali portray. Now, some 40 years later, it’s seeing sensible software in area and most cancers medication, in addition to arguably extra prosaic areas like supplies science 초록잎홍합.

Immediately it’s known as ‘Nanotechnology’ and on this sequence of temporary articles we’ll be exploring how it’s starting to affect the world round us. It begins by linking medical and constructing science.

Nanontechnology in a Nutshell

The science of Nanotechnology offers with very, very small constructions, often lower than 100 nanometers in diameter. With 1 nanometer being 1 billionth of a meter, you will get some thought of how small that is by imagining the earth as having a diameter of 1 meter with 1 billion apple pips (seeds) inside it. Or, checked out one other approach, the dimension ratio between a meter and a nanometer is similar as between earth and an apple.

For the mathematical purists amongst you 1nm = 10 -09 m, i.e. 1/1,000,000,000
Einstein may need imagined this by constructing a prepare wagon in his thoughts, giving this a size, width and top of 1nm after which becoming this inside just a few a whole lot of hydrogen molecules.

For scientists and technologists this has particular curiosity as a result of at this dimension supplies reveal distinctive properties when put next not solely with strange bulk sized supplies, but additionally their molecules. In essence they take benefits of properties that neither particular person molecules nor molecular constructions exhibit.

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